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 The Way To Excellence Credit Is To Have Outstanding Results! 

*Gain Increased Credit Power
*Remove Negative Items From your Report
* 100% Guaranteed Results 

The truth is, you need professionals who care about your credit as much as you do. Our goal is to do everything within our power to help you achieve your credit goals. We do this by utilizing the most aggressive and legal dispute tactics available. This coupled with our hands on support we provide, will give you everything you need to successfully repair your credit and maximize your credit scores.

We know your credit is one of the most important aspects of your family’s finances. Unfortunately, it is not something that is regularly monitored by most people. In fact, most consumers never know there are issues with their credit report until they are applying for financing. This is where Excellence Credit Group can help you. Our credit repair services can help you remove errors on your credit report that are holding back your credit score:

Your ability to access credit, an important aspect of many people’s finances is tied directly to your credit score. Unfortunately, changes to your credit report that negatively impact on your ability to access credit are not regularly monitored or watched by most people. In fact, most consumers are usually made aware of any credit related issues after their credit report has been pulled in cases, such as a background check, job application, auto financing, mortgage, student loans or shopping for home or car insurance to name a few. Let us help you restore your credit score.

 Our credit repair services not only identify errors on your credit report that are costing you both time and money, we also dispute all errors upfront to ensure your credit score is based on accurate and complete information.

Bad credit is expensive, which means it costs you more to manage your financial obligations. Items such as credit cards, auto loans, mortgages, security& utility deposits are often subjected to higher payment amounts or interest rates based on your credit score. This can greatly impact your ability to save for life’s unexpected expenses. As a result, most people turn to use the very same credit they are being charged high interest on to manage those additional obligations, thus perpetuating the credit card/debt cycle they seek to escape from. Our credit repair services help individuals to not only repair their credit, but to also re-evaluate all of their credit related obligations in order to negotiate better and more favorable rates based on a higher credit score they’ve achieved through working with our team. You deserve a better credit score and our credit repair services can help you remove those errors which are holding you back.

Click the schedule consultation below and let’s talk! We enjoy sharing our expertise and look forward to seeing how we can help you get a excellent credit score.



Take advantage of our monthly credit repair plan $99 to signup and $79 monthly. 

Get Your Life Back And Your Credit On The Right Path To Financial Freedom. 


With this plan credit repair includes the negative items  to be removed from all 3 credit bureaus!!

Click the link to Sign UP!!!!
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